Wednesday, June 06, 2007


yay~~ a round of applause please? heh heh. (:

hmmm. today went to my bi's home to teach joan maths. okay okay lah. quite relax. thou get de money not a lot. then my ke lian de bibi jiu zhi hao play computer lo. haha. ):

yep yep. after that i jiu went to her bed and get some rest while she was bathing. afther that we went down to take bus SIXTY to eunos interchange to go to cityhall~~

yepyep. upon reaching cityhall. we went to marina square~ the 1st place we went was golden village. we bought tickets for men in white. then we went to eat yoshinoya. the counter girl ah, damn cmi. she ah, haiyo. CMI jiu dui liao. boh wei gong lah.~ then my bi wanted HOT water. starting she said the hot water hot dao cannot hot. then she wanted another cup. i jiu go asked for WARM water. budden the water not WARM. then you-know-what happened.

haha. then after that we jiu go walkwalk lo. still very early mah. walk walk walk walk. lol.

then around 6.50pm. we jiu go into the cinema. very very de small leh. no wonder when we buying the tickets the person say forth roll @ middle middle. yah very small jiu dui liao. the show ah, also another CMI one. we paid 8 dollars just to get a good laugh. lol. -.- no meaning in that show. very lame thou. >_>

after movie, bi wanted to eat. so we went to asian kitchen. actually we were thinking of newyork new york or asian kitchen. BUT HOR~ her friend working there. jiu got DISCOUNT. then she asked me if i wanna eat there not, i jiu anything lo. since got DISCOUNT. yah. i ate the chickenchop fried rice, the fried rice my ahma cook one nicer but chickenchop still okayokay lah. my bi ate the small dragon bun.~ xiao long bao. =x

then i jiu send her home lo. then something bad happened to us lah.~ that's it for the day~ now? heh heh. as loving as before. =X

HALF YEAR ANNI! happy happy.~~ another round of applause please~~ heh heh. (: (:


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