Sunday, May 27, 2007

im so super angry now lahhhhh. im surppose to stay at ongweijian's house tmr. but because of his mother say one word cannot. i have to find other place to stay. i already ask ongweijian. WHAT if his mother say, he said won't, his mother will say can de. but end up i can't stay in his house. wth. my parents not even scared of me staying in his house lia, his family scared. seem like ongweijian is the girl not me. seem like they think that ongweijian would do something illegal like that. we are old enough to think okay and im not a 3 year old kid. im 16 years old this year. ongweijian's brother can bring his gf home and stay but ongweijian CANNOT. what the fuck is this. roars roars roars ongweijian gave me high hopes, make me super happy and now he drop me down like he used to again. this is not the first time already. it hurts me alot okay... lucky still, i still have my xavier cousin house to stay.

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