Wednesday, June 13, 2007


woke up at around 2plus, called baby. then played computer and waited for baby to come my house. he reach my house at around 4plus. it was a long wait for me but nevermind. cook maggi mee to eat. we both play neopets games, was kinda fun esp the ice cream machine. haha. went out to buy siowmin's birthday cake and around 6plus. was sort of last minute work. we both took quite a long time to find the cake as the cake is either too big or too expensive. we have a tight buget. at last we finally bought a half kg cake from polar.

both of us bought a pair of chopsticks for siowmin. that pair of chopsticks are for people who don't know how to use chopsticks. after that went to pizza hut and told the manager that after we eat finish then serve the cake. theresa and siowmin ate peppery ribs while meifang me and baby ate crispy chicken. all are pasta. while waiting for the food being serve, i did something very blur they know what i did. meifang did something blur too haha

then i asked the manager to serve the cake. to my surpise, there was birthday song being played when the cake was served. that black forest cake was nice. ice cream was on the house too. the manager in marina square was great! the bill was $72plus. expensive after all that, mrted back home. during the mrt trip, all of talking quite loudly. esp me and meifang. haha stop at enous mrt then took bus 21 home then baby went back home too.

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