Saturday, June 16, 2007

just a post of where i went today. i should still be at night safari but I'm back here at home because my dagugu have taken away the passes for her children. nevermind, i still can go there tmr night. xiao gugu has the passes which can go there FOC for four person. I'm asking xiao gugu to get me the passes for the zoo. sis, baby and me bused down to TM genki sushi to meet my auntys. my grandma, grandpa, xiao gugu and er gugu have now officially seen my baby.

baby said that my grandma is not normal de naggy. for this i seriously agree to it. haha. order lots of expensive food. both tables added up the bills are $139++. my 2 aunties are uber generous. when they order those foods, they din even look at the prices. these are what rich people do. i hope i can do that someday. baby prefers sakae sushi to genki sushi. but for me, so long is jap food i like! hahas. had some ice cream dessert which cost $7.80 each. it was nice, small and expensive.

after the good and expensive food, went up to GV to Q for the movie fantastic four. the seats for GV are way too near for us so we went to CS. bought tickets at 9pm. bought popcorns and nachos then went in and waited for the movie to start. the movie was hilarious for some parts. the movie ended at around 10.30pm. baby send me and sis home and he cabbed home.

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