Wednesday, June 20, 2007

今天是星期三!! 我去我的女朋友的家。 因为她要cook东西给我吃。我吃不多, 虽然很好吃。

TODAY : 20/06/07

hmmm, went to baby's house today. because she told me that she wanna whip up some dishes. haha.
firstly, she woke me up @ around 11.30am. after that, i went to bathe and set of for her house.
on my way there, i bought MR.BEAN from easpoint to let her try try. bought one blueberry and one chocolate.
upon reaching her house, i bought some sweets for my baby. SEE I GOOD.=XX

went into her house.. slacked... cook maggie mee to eat. then i fry de egg accidentally added too much pepper.
haha. that was around 4++pm i guess. soon after, we started to cook. i helped her to "slice" the mushroom.
her sister helped her to cut the bacon. she cut and eat @ the same time, resulting in a few mushrooms left. -.-

dinner time! ate the marcaroni. didn't eat alot. cause i was quite full then. cause of the maggie mee.
after that, we watched the new channel 8 7pm show. quite nice. =D around 8.20, i left for my home. =D

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