Thursday, June 21, 2007

today i woke up @ 2.00pm. sort of late thou. i quickly bath and lkeft for baby house. on my way there, i bought mr.bean again. then i cross the road. then bus 5 came. then i laugh. buwahahaha.

then i board the bus.then i tapped my ezlink card. then i go sit down. then i soyabean. then i reach kaki bukit centre. then i change bus. then i go up to baby house. yay!! victory!!

she was busy with her own things. so i had to eat my chocolate pancake 1st. after that, when she was done, she ate her kaya pancake. and soyabean.=DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

we went down to take bus no.60 to eunos mrt station. we had to top up our ezlink card. inside teh mrt towards BOONLAY~~~ we saw a cute, little baby. then my baby was playing with that baby. then i saw 2 babies playing. that baby cries when her shoe was taken away by her papa. my baby was there to divert her attention. thus she wasn't crying that much afterall. the baby ggave my baby a flying kiss. lol.

upon reaching bugis, we ate yoshinoya because i wanted so. we were very very very very very very very very very very de full. after that we went to bugis street to shop for her clothes and skirt. she bought a 27$ skirt and 2 shirts for 20$. " the auntie was cute, friendly. " <=== quoted from baby. and the auntie also said that i looked like her cousin, who is handsome ?? lol. that means ... ?? lol.

then we went to wallet shop to buy my wallet. my wallet cost 29$. oakyokay design. quite plain thou. after that we went for window shopping. around 5+, we had nothing else to do, we went to food court and coldstorage. we ordered some korean dunno what chicken shit. quite nice. 5.50$. =DD

then we went home lo. reached her house @ around 7pm. and soon, i shall be going home. heh heh. =D

and i love my baby. =DD <3 <3

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