Thursday, June 21, 2007

today is 21 june 2007.

woke up at around 2plus due to yesterday's talking with my most sampat lee siowmin. we talked about lots of things, like her work etc etc etc. always had fun talking with her. talked to my dearest 臭臭too. 最幸福的时候是你有一位最好的朋友和你最爱的人在你身边 which is me. back to today. while waiting for baby, i did with my things. bibi bought mr bean's kaya pancake for me. it was nice. bath, changed and off we go to bugis! wore couple shirts ;D

bused to enous mrt and took mrt to bugis. on the way there, there's a baby which was very cute luhs. played with that cute little baby. my bibi said that every baby who see me will smile and i had that kind of "baby will like de face" haha. that baby fool around with her shoes till her papa took away her shoes. then the baby nearly cried. i was scared as when baby crys is super scary. when we reaches bugis, the baby gave me a flying kiss and wave byebye to me. cute lahhhhh.

after reaching bugis, ate yoshinoya. then went to bugis street to hunt for my stuff. bought a skirt, was quite expensive as its hongkong stuff. worth the money. then went to hanabana to choose my shirts. the lady there still remember me, she says that my bibi looks like her yandao cousin so means that my bibi is also yandao de. haha. after buying my shirts, went back to bugis junction to buy bibi's wallet. he bought a wallet from the wallet shop. although the wallet is plain & simple but the simplest things can be the prettiest.

after buying, we walk around the shopping centre aimlessly. walked to food court, sit there then went to cold storage to buy water. went back to food court again. bought korea BBQ chicken and share between the both of us. mrted home after eating, bi stayed at my house awhile then he went home.

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