Saturday, June 30, 2007

woke up at around 2.30 like that which was quite late. mama told me that after my sister's piano lesson go out and eat sushi. but end up mama got headache so the trip was canceled. i thought that would be going so i din eat. after awhile, cooked some noodles. after cooking, i vomited out the gastric juice. was disgusting. maybe the juice is acidic so my mouth felt numb. eat about abit of the noodles then went to sleep so that my stomach could rest.

woke up at around 7.25pm. papa called. went out to marine parade there to collect my sister's things. then went to airport next, as papa say that parkway will be full of people cause today was the last day of 5percent GST charge. while on the way to airport, papa went the wrong way and we had go ONE big round back to airport. ate crystal jade instead of sakae sushi. because sakae sushi had too much people Q-ing to eat. crystal jade are expensive but nice. total bill was $72++ papa mama alot alot of funny things lahh lol.

after eating, went home. on the way back, talked quite alot of things. reached home and here i am now. ;D

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