Monday, July 02, 2007


went out with davin cause baby is down with chicken pox. davin reached enous mrt very early and had me rushing. i was late by 5mins. he was at there saying "dont't know how many mrts have went off while waiting for me". davin was handsame luhs. of couse board the train to somerset. during the trip there, i was abit crazy like some little kid lol. he keep asking how to go to cine all that. upon reaching, i was abit blur as i don't really know how to go there. davin still asked me if i want to ask some of the shuai angmoh for directions, i manage to reach there without any help. now im thinking that davin is just testing me -.-

went up to the cinema, collected the free tickets for the two moives and the popcorns. then slack awhile and went to the cinema. on the way into the dark cinema, davin did something which makes me thinks that davin is truly a gentleman unlike my school's guys~ the host very naggy, he keep talking non stop. i was like"faster faster watch movie" first movie was nancy drew. the movie was a kind of detective kind of story. that movie scare me quite a lot of times due to the housekeeper. roars. after that was a 10min break time.

nearly fall down while walking out of the cinema. went down to find toilet cause of me. 5th level too much people so i decided went back to the cinema. saw lincoln and siaoliang on the way back to 6th level. and due to my curiosity of the preview lounge, i found the toilet on the 6th level lol. second movie was transformer. this movie still scare me as much as the first moive. davin keep asking me to relax relax. half way thru the movie, he says that his pi gu dong but i heard tu zi dong. so i asked him to go toilet to dabian. he says that he butt pain not stomach pain no need go toilet.

movie ended at around 6.40pm. had some lucky draw thingy and went off. i even said goodbye to the host. im so friendly. went in to some shop, saw my fav. octopus. told him abt it, he said "look like you, so blur" then he treated me dinner where i ordered something totally wrong. i ordered creamy mushroom. it's really super duper ultimate creamy. it even have milk smell OMG~ davin ate fish&chips and a drink called lime sour. the drink taste weird. seems that he really like sour stuff like my baby do. he even ate the slice of lemon and his face turn sort of blue. i think that lemon is really sour.

did not eat finish that place of pasta. davin keep asking me if i full anot, want to eat more anot cause my lunch was popcorn and dinner was just some pieces of mushrooms. he even said that im short because i dun eat much. humph. wanted to eat the dessert as it looking very tempting to me but ended i din order it. davin choked while calling for bill. his face was funny. he bought me a shirt with words that state" daddy's expensive little girl" super cute! when i heard about the price, i thought of not buying but he gave me the $20 so i gave the bucks to the salesgirl.

i had an eye on one of the shirt. wahahaha took mrt back to enous. maybe because im too short, lots of people can't see me so they keep squeezing me. im nearly out of breath cause an angmoh's armpit was the same height as my nose. darn smeelly. davin said that is after work sweat. -.- people kept squeezing me, lucky got my cousin or else i would be falling down here and there. being short is really not what i want. roars.

took bus 60 next, the bus was very smelly too. i smell some fish sauce or whatever things is that. that pasta already make me feeling so nauseous then the smell in bus make me even more. sort of screaming for help and saying today is a smelly day. told davin that i feel like davin is taking care of a small little kid lol. he also said that i obviously more xiaohaizi than both of his exs. being a kid is great cause my baby can sayang me more. davin send me up to my doorstep. then he went off. fun day with davin but with my baby even better (: davin is my best cousin~ baby is my best husband! i din spend a single cent today =x thanks to davin for treating me and buying me a shirt ;D

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