Thursday, May 17, 2007


didn't go to school today. cause when i woke up, my head suddenly very heavy. -.- then also got fever, jiu never go school le. morning call my baby, told her that i not going to school. then she also never go. say wanna do her course work. but i think actually wanna pei me... =X lol *bhb*

hmmm, slept till 9+am. then wake up. very kangkor. cannot tahan. jiu waited untill 10.30am like that. jiu go ntuc buy something, then take mrt, then take 60, then alight, then walk, then reach her house. =x upon reaching her house, we watched tv. sleep sleep a while. then she jiu hungry le. my ren too hao liao. jiu help her cook udon. >_>

after eating the udon, we went to see the doctor. got an mc for today. a lot of medicine lah. >< after that, we went to buy her banana. and her cleo. which she complained that it is not nice. haha. then i jiu send her home. reach her house liao hor, i need to feed her banana, help her wash face, help her put toner. -.-

what to do? haha. a while later my sister jiu come and fetch me then i jiu go home le!! byebye. =D

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