Tuesday, May 22, 2007


uncle gary and his family came to my house, uncle gary repair my computer while his daughter and wife play with my happy. after huan zhu ge ge, went to baby's house at around 1plus. took cab there, was too lazy to change bus haha. after reaching baby's house, stayed in his room and watch nija turtle. that movie was not that nice after all. watched he ping de dai jia too, was kinda scary. it was all about the world war 2, how singaporeans being treated by the japs. lots of women being raped by the japs. japs men are so sex manic~ =x

baby's shuai shuai de brother came back after the show start's brother really very de shuai and he look uber man lahhhhh. but i still love my big big baby although he's not that shuai but he's cute >.<>

after dinner, the whole family of baby's and me watched tv till 9.30. his dog maomao was very kpo lah, keep walking there and here. poking his head out of the window duno look at what. i think maomao become guai le cause he does not bark at me anymore but still when im going home he would still jump on me non stop -.- baby's sister send me home. his sister is still alright and not that bad lah =x


din go to school due to my reason of having "stomachache" woke up 9plus am which is consider very early already cause most of the weekends i would be waking up at 1 plus pm. bathed, change and out i go to my baby's house. one of the stall near my house got burnt, the whole shop was all black, polices and fireman was there. a lot of people was there kpo-ing to see what's going on. took bus 60 to enous mrt then mrt-ed to simei. watched tv again when the moment i reach his home. there is nothing more to do than watching tv all day long. ate chicken rice for lunch. then watched tv till 4.30 then cabbed home. did not eat my dinner, was too lazy to cook and mama went to a place that i dun really like the food there.

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