Tuesday, May 15, 2007


did not go to school today, due to my diarrhoea. meifang told me some of my sa1 marks. my F&N fail by 1mark again. roars. baby came to my house after his listening compre. both of us watched tv. then baby went to sleep while i do my coursework. baby cooked udon for me. how blessed i am. hahahahas.

at around 2, both of us went out to meet baby's friends. met up with donovan that ducky first. then 1 by 1 all his friends came. bought our tickets for spiderman 3. went to arcade, zihao and elais played house of dead 2. -.- while they were playing, we waited for davin chen to come. when davin came, we have to wait for the 2 guys to play finish their metal slugs. we were sort of late for the movie but lucky the movie have not started yet.

when all of us was buying for the popcorns, i found $1.50 on the floor. no one was picking up the money so finders keepers. hahas. the movie was damn long lahs. sit till my butt ache. and donovan was keep ccb there ccb here, lj there lj here. and he was damn loud too. even daryl could hear him. in the middle of the movie, baby and don went to the toilet, both of them was super troublesome lahs.

the movie was only so-so. only that fighting part was nice. i kena shocked by the vemon twice. but elais was shocked by my screaming and not the vemon. hahas. was kinda paiseh due to my screaming. after the movie, baby sent me home and he went to play his lan with don them.

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