Tuesday, April 24, 2007

while talking to my baby, i come here to blog in case they comes and nag at me to blog again. 4periods of F&N, was kinda of slack but after mdm chang told us what to do. meifang, theresa and i start to panic as we need to pass up the coursework tmr. after that it was recess, ate chicken porridge. then it was 2periods of chem, madeline cried. may told me about what happen. the girl was so chi bao mei shi zhuo lahs. meifang was playing the game quietly which was inside baby's phone.

maths period, din even bother about mr vinay.was kinda worried about baby cause he din reply my msg luhs. english period, did group work about compo. had donovan, eugene name inside. haha. lastly, it was chinese. hubert saw the game i was playing, then he got addicted to it, keep playing non stop. yong teck said us childish because we play this kind of game but he ended playing the game and he even try to snatch back the phone from hubert. hahas. my chinese test got 59/100. better than fail lahs.

theresa called baby phone but is off during that tym. was so worried about what happen to him lahs. after school. called donovan to ask about baby then pei-ed meifang went to library to return her books. thought that can shun bian meet baby them then go to the house salon together. but duno who dun wan go inter. then in the end i had to take bus go to north park all by myself. on the way there, baby call and he said they reached there lerhs. i was late lahs. reached there, donovan and engteck ask me not to give that innocent look. haha.

stayed in that salon for around 45mins cause there are 3persons cutting their hair. while baby was cutting his hair, engteck and donovan kept bullying me lah T.T they even ask me not to talk cause i was not cutting my hair bla bla bla. after all those cutting all that, donovan went home. baby, engteck and i went to my sch opp de coffee shop eat. engteck keep talking non stop lah. is really a disaster when engteck started talking talking talking.

after eating iu go home lerhs. baby stayed in my house awhile then around 6.25pm, he went home. then i went to sleep for a little while. mama came back and brought me delifrance for dinner. yummy dinner! then went online to do my F&N and blog. nothing le bye

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