Tuesday, April 24, 2007

1. One person on a deserted island you would bring:
; Someone good enough to provide me with food&water.

2. Happy with your friends:
; Yes.

3. Any of your friends two-faced:
; i don't think so. If they are two-faced, they would be enemies instead.

4. If i were looking for you, wherewould you be Saturday nights:
; HOME watching television.

5. Last person that told you good job:
; my geog teacher.

6. ONE person you don't wanna lose:
; my baby.

7. Name one thing about the past you wish you could change:
; Everything.

8. First person you go to on a bad day:
; a person that i can vent my anger on.

9. Weirdest thing in your room:
; None i think?

10. Ever tell someone you like them even if you didn't:
; nope.

11. Gave up on something/someone you shouldn't have:
; sort of.

12. Is money everything:
; Yes, cause it's the root of all evil!

13. Would you sky dive for free:
; i'm afraid of heights lol.

14. Anyone you wish you could callright now that wouldn't wanna hear from you?
; Nope.

15. Love your physical features:

; not at all. i'm way too fat. ROARS

16. Where are you going to be in 15hours:
; either at home slping or talking on the phone.

17. Name someone(besides family) that will be there in 10 years:
; i don't know?

18. Someone you hope will be there in10 years:
; my cute little precious baby.

19. Wish you could go back in time:
; not for now.

20. Ever run away from your house:
; if i have somewhere to stay for the night. haha

21. Believe in "the one":
; Not really so. Till i'm older.

22. Ever skip school, if so why:
; why not. XD

23. What are you listening to:
; people around me talking and sounds of keyboard

24. Last person who sat on your bed:
; me, myself

25. Think theres a heaven and hell:
; Yes.

26. Who would you meet if you could meet anyone:
; no one?

27. Are you an open person:
; Open? Perhaps, not.

28. Afraid to fall in love:
; Not really, why does it need to be afraid?

29. Think you will make a cool parent?
; not sure

30. Who will you call first when you get engaged:
; not sure yet

31.Is your best friend a virgin:
; Duh. -.-

32. Do you wear make up:
; being natural is the best! hahaha

33. Do you like chicken or beef:
; Chicken.

34. Ever doubt how much someone cares about you:
; Sometimes?

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