Saturday, April 21, 2007

I DON'T LIKE BLOGGING! IT'S BORING!! still.... have to. T-T

hmmm.. today i bought a big big milk bottle for my bibi when on my way to her house, to meet her. her mama pms, she said. then today she forgot to bring our couple ring also... ):

we slowly made our way down to teh bus stop take bus 60 to eunos mrt station. i topped up my ezlink card. BUWAHAHAHA!! =x mrt to cityhall was damn crowded. then when door was closing, an auntie pushed my baby inside. my baby stared @ teh auntie. haha. XD we were seperated for a while. =/

then we jiu walk to to to to to to to marina square. yepyep. our actual plan was to watch movie. but there no movie to watch. so we decided to pamper ourselves a bit by eating more expensive stuffs. =x thought for quite a while. finally we went to sakae sushi. ~~ bill was erm.. $22 ? yep. (:

then we jiu go ep! actually want go my house but my brother @ home. so jiu go ep 1st. saw donovan alone @ arcade. not long after, eugene lokhang zihao elias came. we went to play lan. made my bibi wait for me while i was playing. SORRY BABY! but she was enjoying herself cause she was playing with me phone. =X

then after one game, we jiu go my house le. but my brother still sleeping. haha. my brother very automatic. xD upon seeing me, jiu go my sister room sleep. haha. we watched the gay channel u show untill 7pm jiu send her home. my mama came back around 6.50. then when going home that time my mama smiled @ my baby. scanned thru her. from top to toe. haha. she kept smiling i dunno why. -.- now my baby very curious about how my mama think about her. lol.

hmmm.. took taxi home i was forced to fork out 2 dollars. xD i was soooooo god damn embarassed lah. hence, i shall not talk about it anymore. lol. but i think i will slowly xiguan bah. haha. sat a while @ her home.. then jiu go home le!! BYEBYE. =DD

end of 21/04/07..

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