Wednesday, April 18, 2007

went to school so unwillingly. i was the first to reach the school. during ass, i was cursing and scolding that lady sitting in front of theresa today. she sooooo ill mannered, and her hair is smelly even after she wash her hair. din bring my IRP article again, so siowmin, my cute sampat daughter, tore 2 pages of hers to give me. we was talking all the way till IRP ends hahas.

first 2 periods was chinese, mr jiang gave us some work to do but i was too lazy to do that piece of work =X was talking to may, qizhi and dennis abt some stupid issues in the teenage mag.
talked about jolin's boobs, etc etc. qizhi and dennis was sort of quarreling with madeline again. 2 periods before recess was geog. did some map reading reading was super ultra boring luhs. during recess, sort of quarrel with meifang but we are okay already (:

mdm chang din come for F&N again. almost all of us were not doing our coursework. we was surfing the net etc etc etc. cindy was too bored and started waxing almost everyone's hair. she wanted to wax mine but i dun wan. was scared of her luhs =x theresa was kana wax by cindy, overall her hair was quite nice lahs. after F&N was 3 periods of chem. i got 25/35 for my chem DT. YAY~! gonna get some reward from mama. grins* had that maths lesson after chem, vinay was soooo sucky alright. charmine was cute luhs when she took mag's bag and run away hahas. was reading some pervertic joke books with meifang till maths ends.

finish school at 2pm. eat at coffee shop while wait for baby to come. baby came and all of us start talking duno abt what things. watched ba xian after that jiu go home liao. charmine was giving me a look that i duno how to explain. baby saw his friend, ziyang too. took bus 8 home. baby stayed till 6+pm jiu go home. bathed watched tv and laze around the house. dumb ass sister will not be home again as she would be staying at ahma's hse. now waiting for mama to bring dinner back for me to eat. bye~

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