Saturday, April 14, 2007

sorry that i din blog for this few days. was too lazy to blog. let say about today.

today is my mama's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!
around 11am, sis went out to do her so call project work. while i slept till 1+pm. had baby waiting for me to wake up and din pick up his calls. sorry baby ): ahgu called and asked mama whether she want to go pai their grandparents. mama agree. woke up bathed dress up and waited for ahgu call. then went out of house, took cab to the place where my great-grandparents are in.

reached there. after pai pai. wanted to go to parkway for my mama aunty facial and my sliming program. but it started to heavily. so we wanted for about 20 to 30mins for the rain to stop. we 5 ladystook cab to parkway after that. while ahgu and ahgong took cab home. first tym having sliming course, was abit nervous lahs. took my height and weight, have grown shorter and fatter T.T

after the the program, i lost 0.3kg. and the person took my measurements of my body again. i lost quite abit of fats. the person thought vivian was my biaojie lol, then i told her she is biao mei. she was paiseh that she say wrongly lol. my ahkim was the last one to do finish her treatment. i think it was a big job done on her face =x do hao everything jiu go eat dinner.

eat hao dinner. ahkim, vivian and vanessa went home, while mama sis and i went to NTUC buy things. waited for papa to come and fetch us then we went to buy papa's dinner. reached home bathed and now here i am playing the comp.

Yesterday. had a great tym eating at sakae sushi. theresa, are you envy of me? >.<>

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