Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm back from eastpoint haha. lets say about today. woke up at around 1+pm, laze around. had some weird ideas on my mind so i decided to call baby. i woke him up and ask him to come my house and study together. he was reluctant at first cause he shy but in the end i still manage to persuade him to come. told mama about it and she was okay that baby is coming. sometimes, i think that she is great haha.

baby came and we study till around 4.30 like that. then i ask mama want to go parkway anot, she say okay. so we prepared to go out, but mama suddenly say she don't feel like going out. i din want my sis to go out with the both of us cause she is a very big light blub. mama gave the 3 of us ten dollars each but have to give that dumb sis of mine five dollars in order to make her not to follow us out. took bus to enous mrt then MRT-ed to simei, eastpoint.

ate sakae sushi for dinner again, did somthing illegal =X went to lan shop after that, baby and me kept di-siaoing zihao and elias (don't know to spell his name). baby had super of comments on the dota and CS and i went out for some window shopping, one knee length shorts caught my eye so i decided to buy it. the shorts was nice when i wore, even baby say so. heh heh. after that went to watsons walk walk, then went back to lan shop. we were just nice saw all of them coming out from the shop.

at first they want to eat their dinner at KFC but the place was full with people. so they went to the food court to have their dinner. elias (don't know to spell his name) was the first person to buy hao his food, i kept di-siaoing by looking at him while he was eating his chicken rice. i decided to go home after baby keep saying that he was tired. bid goodbye to all of them. went to NTUC to buy sweets and something which is private. hahas. baby send me home and he went home. looks like my mama like my baby a lot. haha.

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