Friday, May 04, 2007


woke up early in the morning, went to school. took my maths paper 1 and english paper 2. for maths paper 1 i think the most i can get only 20+ or less. maths really do sucks lahhhhs. as for english paper 2, i think i either pass by abit or fail. cause the passage B was damn hard lahs. don't really understand what's the question talking about. roars. was chiong-ing my summary all the way till the time ends. din have enough time to write finish all lah and din do 1 qsn. HOPE i can pass my english.

had my baby waited for me for 10 extra mins cause i thought that the exam ends at 12.15 but it end at 12.25pm. met him, called my mama and ask her to go Tm and meet us as i have some weird ideas going on in my mind. meet dao mama, i told him that i want to eat pizza hut but she din want to. so we went to food court and ate carvna for our lunch. mama din eat.

then shop awhile cause we have to pei mama wait for that fat sis of mine. time reached, mama went to fetch sis to go to hospital for some back bone check up. baby and i din go as it was way too far. then both of us bused home. wanted to do some science work but both of us ended sleeping again. >.<>

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