Sunday, March 25, 2007

YO! joeyongliying is here hahahahas xD

told my mama that i went to yiqin house to do my homework but i did not. instead i went out to plaza sing with my baby. met him at 12 plus under my void deck, had him waited for 13mins. i was late luhs, sorry baby dui bu qi >.<>

after that went around plaza sing to find food to eat. went to food court first but no place to sit, then we went to B1 looking for some fast food but there were no place for us to sit too. so we decided to walk around first, saw alots of sale but nothing nice caught my eye. went to yoshinoya to eat our lunch. kept hais-ing when i was eating cause of what baby bought. hais~ went to carefour to buy plasters because of my leg. wanted to go collect our rings after buying the plasters but then i found out my wallet is LOST!

found out that my wallet was left in yoshinoya. went back there in heavy heart, was super duper scared that my wallet is lost. cause it contain my i.c, recpit etc etc. luckily, the person who found my wallet give it to the cashier so i can take back my wallet. it was a burden lifted off my shoulder. collected our rings. went to simei after that cause davin called baby to play lan. reached simei. waited for the duno who to eat finish then went to lan shop. they played their lan while i sit there and stone. they play for 2hrs plus.i sit until my butt pain.

lan shop is the place where i and davin start arguing. hahahahas. after that went to food court to eat our dinner. the way zihao ask davin to sit other table is funny lahs lol. btw zihao look like xavier, davin look like the augustine in my sch and jonthan look like another jonthan i knew in sec 2. i called davin's sandra the sand queen cause he is the sand king. baby them know why davin is called the sand king hahahas i keep making fun/ di siao-ing davin lahs. the way he vent his anger is funny and davin HUMPH like girl girl too. he even said that he hate the joeys. hahahahahas had fun making fun of him.

went to arcade after eating. during the trip there, saw the pervert peter from my sch. how unlucky can i be. he even came forward to say hi to me and ask me why i am in east point -.- told baby and zihao abt what he do in sch, had them laughing at that peter. at arcade,di siao davin till he went to home, i din know i so lihai =x saw ahfat there too, he is still as keai as ever and i think ahfat is way social-able and keai than gavin =x stayed there till 8plus. baby send me home. did sumth to baby during the bus trip home XDD reached home, bathed and played comp. had fun today. now waiting for baby to be online.

P.S: davin sucks =/ JK.

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