Friday, March 23, 2007

great day today. GREAT...

had my usual day rountine. went to school. yep yep, was looking forward to meeting me baby. little did i expect, it turned out to be a nightmare. >_<>_< everytime when i'm with her i feel very relaxed.. very very very.. the feeling is totally cannot describe.=DD sweet feeling. the feeling of love.=X

yepyep, while in bus 8, she remained quiet.. i knew something was wrong. no matter how hard i tried, she just didn't wanna tell me. untill the stop after my school she started speaking. so i tried my best again. she didn't wanna say. still. -.- i dunno @ which particular stop, a mother fucking bitch with a dogface came up the bus.

i was teasing my baby, or rather, forcing her, to tell me what happened to her. then that motherfucking Son of a bitch came and tap on my shoulder and said "excuse me". i thought she was about to ask me where that bus will go to. instead she said, " can you show her some respect blah blah blah blah. she is not something which you can get fun out of." i was like wtf? fucking mofo with a dogface. so i shouted " according to that BITCH behind blah blah blah blah..."~~ and before we alight, my bi said "bloody bitch", when i was @ the door. door open, i shouted. " BYE BITCH!!"

she's a brainless bitch who can't get her facts right and jump straight into a nonsensical conclusion. whatever I do, is fucking hell non of her business. i could have embarassed her right in the bus, but i was too angry to do so. end up making my baby angry again. fucking god-damned motherfucking dog. even my dog has a better brain than her's? omg. why can't singaporeans be less kaypo.? and do something rightoues? instead of poking their noses into something not big. fuckers are over the world. what else can i say. sucker.

then jiu send my baby go home lo. slack under her house untill 6pm. yepyep. then i jiu go home le!! claps claps.xD

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