Saturday, March 17, 2007

yesterday was a FRIDAY!!! we went to bugis to buy her shirts and her shorts. met her @ her home cause she no comb. needed me to buy one for her. her papa lock teh room that's why. mafan. =X

we went bugis, wanted to have yoshinoya for lunch. but very crowded.. so we roam around and decided to eat some lame food. expensive and not nice. woo. cool. really not nice. she grumbled that she scared not enough money buy things.

then we started our hunt for her shirts and pants. she bought 2 shirts first. one yellow one brown. brown's wording : you treat me like an angel, i'll be your devil. yellow's wording: being a woman isn't easy it involves dealing with man. SOMETHING like that.

after buying that jiu go find her pants lo. hai. dowan say. ><

then time very very de early. so we decided to go marina square. when walking towards, we saw one girl, the skirt is SOOOO DAMN FUCKING TIGHT. can see her butt. 2 round shape. and she had diffculty walking. LOL. not long after, we saw another girl whose skirt is SOOOO DAMN FUCKING short. and her legs ARE SOOOO DAMN FUCKING apart. 100% not virgin le. heh heh.

we walked to marina square. on teh way, saw her xiao yi. AHHHH~~ and her 3 girls. yep yep.
then i complain du zi er. jiu go eat YOSHI!! i fed her for more than half a bowl? haha. she dowan let me drink grape. cause i got a bit block nose. ohhh so sweeeeet. lol. =x

then we went handicap toilet. she die die also want make my clothes and jeans into how she wanted. but die die also cannot. haha.then we walk walk. walked past PMK. got discount. discount untill like wtf. the salesgirl say they want to clearstock. very cheap. top $10 bottom 15$ bag 15$. yepyep. then we went in precious thoughts. saw the notebook but we didn't have enough MONEY!! the total we had was 9.40$. wtf. T-T

we go nursing room. i want to sleep. she pluck my white hair. grrr. and got one auntie come in. haha. the auntie didn't notice us untill she banged into me. wtf. lol.

then jiu GO HOME LO! we went to kallang to take bus 21. a lot of people. so didn't really sleep. then @ her downstairs her papa called and asked her where she was. she said she @ downstairs only. then her papa jiu come down liao. then her papa very good, send me to enous mrt station. but i didn't really wanted it. hai~

in the car, didn't really talk. when her papa asked what's my name, we said joey ong. HER PAPA REACTION VERY FUNNY!!!. lol. hilarious. he asked to if i wanted to eat, i dowan. i said i go home eat, but actually is go ep find friends. heh heh.

yepyep. after that jiu go home. okay?? byebye. =DD

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