Tuesday, March 27, 2007

[x] a television
[x] cd player
[x] vcds
[x] dvds
[x] dvd player
[ ] playstation
[x] radio
[x] computer
[ ] fridge
[ ] bathroom
[x] posters
[ ] laptop

You are allowed to:
[x] wear skirts
[x] go to the mall with friends
[x] eat unhealthy stuff
[x] colour ur hair
[x] have ur own curfew
[x] pick ur own school
[x] buy ur own stuff
[ ] drive anywhere
[x] drink liquor wit ur family :P
[x] curse

Have you ever?
[x] talk back to ur parents
[ ] sneak out at night
[x] been "told" not "scolded"
[x] been out of country
[x] shopped til u drop
[x] been given more money than uneeded
[ ]felt u were heavily guarded
[ ] spent a thousand in one day
[x] made ur parent(s) cry
[x]yelled at ur maid

[x] have what u need
[x] get what u want
[ ] travel a lot
[x] have a maid(used to)
[ ] have a driver
[ ] get a high allowance
[x] do whatever u want
[ ] have branded clothing
[ ] have a credit card
[x] eat whenever u want

[ ] ever scold you for not followingyour curfew
[ ] give u EVERYTHING u want
[x] trust you
[ ] buy you things for the sake ofbuying them
[x] give you "extra cash" when you'reout somewhere(sort of)
[x] think u should have the best andonly the best
[x] want you to be happy
[x] help you
[x] love you
[x] pay for the mess you've made
Im 76% spoilt XDDD

i want to see my baby NOW NOW NOW roars*
i miss my baby now
i miss my baby's smiles
i miss my baby's cute looks
i miss my baby's sms
i miss my baby's phone calls
i miss my baby's voice
i miss my baby's shajiaos
i miss my baby's kisses
i miss my baby's baobao
i miss my baby's pouting lips ><
i miss him blowing air into my ear
i miss calling him bi
i miss when he tickle me
i miss going out gaigai with him
i miss messing up his hair
i miss holding only one of his finger walking around
i miss teasing him like mad
i miss abusing him =/
i miss doing that thingy to him which he think is super duper erxin
overall i miss my BABY lahhhhhhhhhhhhhs ):

alot more hours till seeing my baby T.T
hate his in focus hate his dumb ass school lahh

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