Tuesday, March 27, 2007

second post of the day

i broke down and cried during maths lesson. can't believe that i cried and is during MATHS lesson omg~ maybe is because i cannot take it and too stressed up liao. i started crying while talking to meifang. after that, more and more people know that i cried. all ask me why, din tell them what had happened to me. i cried till i can't talk properly -.- cried for 1hour and this 1hour pass damn fast. meifang anwei me first, then after that may and charmine came to console me too.

then huixin madeline and magdelene came too.what meifang and charmine say was right. and i know im not the worst, im still way way better than what that guy did to may. theresa keep saying things that i dun like luhs. she din even listen to what i said then any how say is my fault again. hmmmm okay... maybe partly is my fault =x just like what meifang says, baby and i will find dao time to spend time with each other. meifang says my eyelashes really very long hahahas.


met up with baby after my DT and his MT oral. bought my notebook. baby send me home. blablabla.

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