Sunday, April 01, 2007


yesterday my bibi woke me up @ 11+, miracle huh. =x hmmm. i woke up, brush my teeth bath wash my face. jiu go out take bus meet her le. i took bus 5 to safra. less than 10mins. damn fast lo. >_<

met her under her block jiu slowly wake to bus stop take bus 60 to enous mrt station. then jiu take train to outram park. change train to harbour front. because SHE wanted to go to vivocity.~ @ the mrt station, she went to top up her ezlink card. just because of a sticker, the uncle dowan to help her topup. the uncle demanded her to take out the sticker. she took out the sticker unhappily. i need to calm her down. -.-

then we jiu walk to vivo. took quite a long time to decide what to eat. finally we decided to eat kopitiam. -.- the the western food. she play cheat. when i was away to help her buy desert, she put, according to her, 3 spoonfuls of rice into my plate. no wonder i jue de my rice a lot and how can she finish her serving.

after finishing our food, we went around vivo walking walking. walkwalkwalk jiu tired le, jiu find place to sit down. after a while, i wanted to go to vivomart. she didn't feel like. jiu don't go. after a while, she say wanna go. i dowan go cause she dowan. in the end, still go le. XD

inside vivomart, we bought the marshmellow with chocolate and grap with chocolate. coating. very nice. =D after a while jiu thirsty jiu went to giant to buy drink. but but but but i dowan to buy cause a lot of people. then we walked in deeper into giant.. open the can drink. DRINK~ bottoms up. =DD

then we went back to eastpoint. met weihow jonathan donovan and ben. they go smoke smoke. @ 2nd floor. then they cannot open the door. then ben say must use strength. then he used strength and pull~ and the door handle came out. -.- but he very honest, return to security guard. lol. after that, they went to bubble tea slack slack. talked about pork and ff and pcc nonsense.-.-

then we went back arcade. ben use strength get biscuit and marshmellow. yah, after that we went to food court to eat our dinner. jiu send her home le. =DD


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