Saturday, February 24, 2007


went out with my baby to plaza sing. watched just follow law at 3.40pm. eat our lunch and walk around plaza sing to pass our time. wanted to buy that notebook which is damn cute but in the end din. bought the concelar i wanted from body shop. ongweijian say quite good cause it cover my dark eyes alot alot. so $17.50 is worth it :] saw sumth really pretty from couple lab but its price also very pretty~ saw a nursing room on level 3 toilet there, then i thought there might be another nursing room on the other levels. so we went up searching for nursing room but end up only level 3 got the nursing. went back to that level 3 nursing room. slacked inside there, explored my concelar too. slack till 3.30pm then we went up to the cinema to watch our movie.

after the movie, took MRT back to enous. bought some food to fill our stomach. waited for the second bus 60 to come. baby send me home. when i reach home, my aunties were there and they asked to me call ongweijian up to let them see see. they told me that ongweijian will get 5angbaos including my mama's. so i ran down to 10th floor to find him. i forced him / sha jiao to him/ took his things, but still he din want to let my family see him. he even say wait until he have cut his hair. after he went off, he msged me and said he regreted not coming up to my house cause he can't have the 5 angbaos. hahahahas

and and my baby bought me a real big and heavy lollipop for me. is really damn big and heavy.
show off to my aunties and uncles hahahahahas ^^ ahkim wanted to bring it home but i dun let, i even told her to ask her ahgu to buy for her lol. wondering how to eat that lollipop, can't even put 1/4 of it inside my mouth.

nothing much lerhs bah. bye

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