Monday, March 05, 2007

im here to update just because of 2persons which is meifang and darren.

kinda of forgot what happen during sch tym. but after sch, ate lunch at coffee shop. after that, went to yiqin house to slack. stayed at his house till 9plus pm when papa came and fetch me. my baby keep asking me to go home early lahs. lols braden say alot of lame thingys to yiqin on msn. yiqin paid for my dinner as i have no money at that point of time. this is how i end my thursday

went to sch as usual. my geog teacher became my SS teacher on friday, as mdm natasha was on MC till 7 of march. after school, waited for my baby awhile. and after he came, took cab back to my house as i was in a hurry to finish my F&N research. and because of that, baby had to bath in my house while i do my F&N research. he was quite unwilling to come my house without bathing at first. hahahas. went to sakae sushi to eat, met theresa siowmin and meifang there. saw baby's friend. his friend was ke lian lahs, she was being call LCD flat screen tv. eat until 5plus going to 6pm. around 6plus, baby send me home.

mama was having a bad toothache luhs. sis pei mama go find dentist. during that period when both of them were out. my baby came, he gave me 3roses. how sweet of him (: told my ahgong, baby come here to teach me science lol. he stayed at my house till 5plus. after mama and sis came back, mama din get her teeth done as she cant find any dentist lol.

woke up at 1.26om. mama and papa was already out buying tv as their room tv spoilt and mama go do her teeth. played the comp and talking to baby. ate chicken chop as lunch. the chicken chop was hard to chew lahs, like chewing gum like that. around 6plus went to ahma for dinner. told ahma what i wanted for dinner hahahahas. got what i wanted, that's nice. now right here, im blogging =D

that's for now
bye (:

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