Friday, February 23, 2007

meifang have been asking to blog so because of her sake, i BLOG.


wake up early in the morning. dress up went to ahma hse to bai nian. around 11+am went to tai kim po house. saw tai kim po de great grandson, he's damn cute luhs. his dimple is fucking deep lahs, next tym he will be cute young boy =D ate my lunch there, the bee hoon and chicken wing is still the same~ after that, went to my other ahma house to bai nian, actually wanted to go watch movie with ahgu ah kim them de but all full house. around 6+pm jiu went home lerhs.

my baby ongweijian sort of woke me up. then went to dress up. met my baby under my void deck. went to TM and CS to gaigai awhile, ate yoshinoya. actually wanted to go engteck house first but both of us want to be good guy, so we went to eastpoint pei eugene to wait got lok hang. thought davin is going too, but in the end he din cause of the rain -.- when lokhang came, i thought finally we can go to engteck house le but lokhang called rijia to go too. so we had to went to tampines inter to wait for her. she took bus instead of walking to the inter. four of us waited for her for sooooooooooo long which made me so pekchek. pekchek till when i talked her, i got that angry tone in me.

took bus 10 to engteck house. talked about the bone thingy which among the 5 of us, only i don't have the 2 boney. engteck house really look like the powerpuff girls house =x his ahma gave us quite a big amount of angbao money. at first, engteck and eugene played PS2, rijia, lokhang and my baby played tai ti. after that, four of the guys played blackjack. rijia played PS2. i slacked all the way. in the first place, eugene won alot and engteck lost alot. but in the last round, engteck won back $20 from eugene tay. engteck had his mood swing, real funny mood swing LOL
ate dinner at his house. at around 9+pm, my baby sent me home. he came into my house awhile and left.

went to temple to paipai early in the morning, then went to dayi house. sort of quarrel with baby during the trip to dayi house. was sad luhs but in the end we are okay =DD stayed at dayi house awhile jiu go the bus stop downstairs wait for donovan to come. he took bus 83 to pungol to meet me hahahas then we took taxi to eastpoint, he paid the fare xD the clothes jonthan wore was smart and shuai lah, but his shoes was not pei lahs. i keep saying his shoes not nice lah :x pei jonthan eat finish his burger then both of them went to smoke. went to arcade waited for baby.

slacked there, went to TM cause i wanted to watch movie but was full house. went back eastpoint, stayed there till 7 there. then jiu bla bla bla

mdm chang din come. cindy talking abt her stead. she is damn sweet luhs. what if my baby can be as sweet as her, how good will it be *thinking thinking* but still, i love him for what he is now =D

i love my baby, ongweijian =D

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