Saturday, February 17, 2007

hmmmm reach home. just eat finish the reunion dinner in my ahma hse. i shall abt what happened for the past few days.

on thur. my papa sis and me three of us woke up at 6.50am which was late very late. so we slowly slowly make our way to sch. when after papa send sis to sch, saw baitao walking towards his sch. din say hello to him as i was in the car at that tym. yiqin, jay, wee sim and jolene was late too. yiqin was guai lan lahs =x jolene and me was late 3 tyms, so both of us tio inhouse suspension. 12 people inculding 2 of us tio inhouse suspension, a record was done as we are the most people who get inhouse suspension. for the first 2hours was boring, mrs lye came in and talk to us. 11pm was our recess, yiqin was just in tym to see us there. he helped two of us buy 2 green tea and 2 packets of hello panda. jay and wee sim came down later. after awhile, we saw mr ee then we sort of ran away from him, as our hair, blouse etc etc was not illgeal in sch.

after that 2 of us went back to the classroom where we have our inhouse suspension. spend our next hours playing with phones, smsing, playing hangman and the picture acting thingy. had quite alot fun there. a detention which dun look like detention haha. release at 2pm. pon maths DT =x went to find my baby. engteck was with him too. they 2 ate sort of their lunch at S11. i keep ka jiaoing engteck by calling him "ah tard and e teck". after eating jiu pei engteck go inter. then we went to buy movie, we watched ghost rider. after that jiu go walk walk gai gai. around 6+pm, baby send me home.

on friday. din went to school due to my lazyness. woke up at around noon. baby came and find me. slacked at my house downstairs until around 6+pm.

on saturday, went to see doctor with baby as my lips was fucking swollen and red. my baby came down just to pei me see doctor. how nice of him~ ah gu ah kim and my 2 cousins came to my hse to eat sort of reunion dinner with my ah gong and us. i ate alot of bao yu =x

today. my baby came my hse with surprise. he even bought famous amos for me which i was craving for. he came down just to give me the cookies. how sweet of him, love him so muchhhhhhhhhhh (: bring my dog down to gaigai and shun bian pei my baby cause i dun wan him to leave so early. he keep saying my dog fat hahahas. went back home after that, did quite alot of household chores. around 6.30pm went to ah ma to have our reunion dinner.

thats all for now. hope i can get lots lots lots of hongbao on CNY =DD

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