Tuesday, February 13, 2007

hmmmm.. around 1 week din blog lerhs. i just briefly say where i been to and what i do.

on sat, went to yiqin's papa shop to eat my reunion dinner, was a last min decision to go there eat. had 10% discount off the bill cause i'm the small boss's friend =) most of the workers i knew were still there and they still remember me ^^ clement became more shuai lerhs, selene still as thin as ever =x, berlyn and cherlyn become more and more anti social i think, vivian is still taller than me by 10cm where she's only primary 6 omg~ i'm short luhs T.T

on sunday, went for facial. ate dinner at sakae sushi, saw zihao and his family there too, his small brother's eye are big lahs. went to NUTC after that, bought things, papa came and bring us back.

yesterday, i had my worst PE ever. siowmin and i got scolded from miss chin. siowmin not her class de also got scolded, was like so wtf lahs. after that, had our classes bla bla bla. after sch, met my baby at sch opposite bus stop. took cab home and changed. went to bugis, ate yoshinoya. bought my baby's jeans and he bought me a pmk shirt. but is not i wanted at the first place de. the pmk guy was cute luhs hahahahas baby sent me home after that, slack at my hse void deck awhile, baby jiu go home lerhs.

right now, both meifang and theresa say my face become rough lerhs. i think is because of the facial foam i used as i just changed it ytd. the facial had made my face came out alot of dot dot dot lahs. i'm sensitive to the new facial foam and the things that used on my face for facial. gonna buy back my old de facial foam, hope my face will change for better.

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