Wednesday, February 07, 2007


yesterday was our 2nd month anniversay. but couldn't sort of like.. spend time together. cause of my infocus! grrr. sorry my girl. ):

today, a brand new day. as usual. got up from bed, bathed washed teeth wash face. morning called my bibi. take bus to library opposite bus stop, met don, lok, teck. went to school. okay. basic.

upon reaching school, 1st period was social studies + geog, which is combined humans. relaxing lesson. presenting power point slides. sat there and did nothing. =x followed by ENGLISH. FUCK~ i failed my comprehension test. i got 12/25. wtf? which means that i need to get @ least 13 for my summary in order to pass the whole test.

grrr. recess... maths. maths. maths... we learnt something new. called the small change. XIAO BIAN. =x i was asking zheng yee, got big change? small change, quite an easy topic. only one formula. then chemistry.. chemistry also relaxing. we played with the balls and the sticks. representing different molecules and bonds. lol. =x

physics infocus. guess what. i got 21.5 / 25 for my pressure test. buwahahaha. but there are people who get 24? 23? 23.5? grrrr.. i am contented with 21.5 =D followed by english infocus, teacher let us off early. we went thru answers for comprehension. STUPID MISTAKES I MADE! nevermind. ><

after that, i went to buy medicine for my ahma, as requested from her. having the medicine bought, went to play bball for like.. 30mins? home sweet home.


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