Thursday, January 04, 2007


went out with ongweijian to TM
ate yoshinoya at around 4 plus pm
then after that we go walk walk awhile jiu go eastpoint le

i and ongweijian went to ep de food count then i eat again =x
saw weiwenK0R and weihong, they very kpo lah
come and see how ongweijian look like and weiwen even ask him to take care of me -,-

after that weihow and donovan came
then around 6plus pm, ongweijian jiu go home lerhs

after ongweijian go, hafiz jiu come
they go smoke, after smoking donovan send me home
on the way home, i made him laugh cos i said sumth weird -.-

he treat me mentos sweet for sch

he said everytime he send me home, sure treat me sweet de lols
i think after he send me home, he went to buy western food frm my hse downstairs and took cab home bah.


woke up early in the morning when my darling boy morning call me
then wash up do everything le, papa jiu send me and sis to school
everything is still the same

but not for the sec1 people
they wore the new sch uniform, although no need tuck in but it look uglier than the old one
and worse of all, they need to wear the sch sports shoe which is damn ugly lah

frm 9.00 to 10.30am, got some talks which i have been hearing for the past 3 yrs
after recess was F&N then chem
sch finishes at 1pm today, only today

got my timetable
most of the teachers will still be teaching me
miss tasneem is still my form teacher and my 2nd form teacher is mdm natasha omg~~

junyu told dennis that ongweijian oso always at simei de -.-
then he finally believe that my stead name is joey ong lerhs hahas
aaronTEACHER was shocked when he heard that my bf name is joey ong hahahas

when sch finishes, we 4 went to 201 to eat our lunch
my ongweijian came and find me after i have eaten
walk all the way from 201 to his house which is damn tired and far lahs

his room was way far too messy compared to mine
din want to say that but it's really true =x
his sis look quite friendly and my dog is fatter than his dog for sure lols lols
his ah ma oso quite friendly lahs

around 5, walk to eastpoint
walk walk eat eat abit then ongweijian jiu send me to 201
saw his friend while taking bus 9

after that wo jiu take bus 8 back to home sweet home lerhs
nothing le bah
tmr and friday wun be studying and friday whole sec 4 will be going to Sg poly

ongweijian is mine~! ^^

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