Tuesday, January 02, 2007


went with papa, mama, sis, uncle leslie, aunty wendy, uncle andre, uncle jeffery and 1 more aunty but i duno how to spell her name =x
had my counting down in a pub with them.
the pub's decorations are weird very very weird

uncle leslie keep asking me to drink drink drink
he treated me a screw driver, snowball and vodka lime
ate quite alot of tibits too

aunty wendy told my papa that next tym i will be a problem child -.-
cause i know how to drink more than my papa
uncle leslie even say wo shi jiu gui =P

uncle jeffery de eyebrows look like la bi xiao xin de eyebrows xD
he's quite good looking lahs
when i said that uncle leslie asked me want to go change my specs anot -.-

went home at around 1.15am
after 5mins of driving, papa decided to buy mac
this is also the tym that i started vomiting, vomited abit first
then when in car vomited again

after that when i reached my hse downstairs
i vomited again and this time is damn lot of rubbish coming out of my mouth

i have got ongweijian so worried sick abt me =x
as i keep vomiting and vomiting.
sorry boy...

slept at 3.30am
talked with my dear laogong for 1hr and 30mins =)
acutally i should be slping at 2.15am but i din want to
so my ongweijian have no choice to talked to me until 3.30am

he said that i'm getting too spoilt and pampered by him le
but what to do, ongweijian love me too much le xDD
he also said that he will have his sweet revenge next tym -.-

just 2 more thing to say
To the person out there, you know who you are lah asshole
stoping copying me lah freak, no use copying me
go and get a life out there lahhhhhhh can stupid stupid dumb dumb ass =PPPPP


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