Saturday, January 06, 2007

HELLO! i'm back home =DD

we had talks about relationship & pornography instead of studying
the relationship talks was quite nice
meifang and theresa keep pointing at me non-stop -.-
then after recess was talks about pornography, it was very boring luhs
it make me feel so damn sleepy lahh

school finish at 12.30pm, was early uh haha
i wanted to cut my hair so my 3 girls pei-ed me to go cut hair
after cutting my hair, my head look even bigger
and my fringe is SHORT real short arghh

i went back home to bath after all that cutting
then meifang theresa siowmin go my hse there de coffeeshop and makan
i meet them at coffee shop and went to tampines meet ongweijian
he was sick luhs ):

pei him see doctor in polyclinic
there was full of people lah and we waited for quite a long tym to get register
waited for the doctor then waited for payment and medic
all this we waited from 3.36pm to 4.26pm, that was bloody long lah wth

see doctor le we jiu go s11 makan.
i eat wanton mee while ongweijian eat duck rice
went to library slack awhile jiu go home le

had talks about sex all that
then at 10.30am went to Sg poly
it was long trip there leh, sleep awhile but not comfortable de cos dun have ongweijian's shoulder to lie lahs

ate macaroni with chicken
not quite nice but it's alright to be eaten lahs
around 1 plus pm we went back to tampines to buy my things for tmr

went to 3 places to get the thingys lahs
after buying all the things, siowmin and theresa walk back home
meifang and i walk to the bus stop there as i was meeting ongweijian
and meifang was going home

slack under the void deck
while slacking, both of us saw amira and andre walking towards the bus stop
so i shouted their names, now i think amira and andre believe that my stead name is joeyong le hahas amira was shocked when meifang told her my stead name is ongweijian

sylvia was shocked too when i told her that
i have been telling siowmin them that i have to xi guan their shocking face when i tell them my stead name is joeyong which is same as me lahs lols

went to basketball court after pestering ongweijian to go somewhere gai gai xD
saw how baitao look like, not as bad as what donovan and ongweijian say lahs
there got zihao, lok hang, eugene tay and 1 more guy duno what name

ate chicken rice at the dirty coffee shop there
eugene tay got Z610i ROAR!
"rape" his phone for quite a long tym, took his pic and i edit dao quite jialat =x

after eating and slacking, zihao and another guy went off
i say bye bye to them, they nvr say to me then i shouted "never say bye bye to me"
after that they say bye bye to me luhs. i'm so hyper lahs ><

lok hang went back to his home sweet home
then me ongweijian eugene tay baitao sit under the void deck to slack again lo
when baitao saw 38 he jiu go off too lerhs

which left me ongweijian and eugene tay
eugene tay say i like baby cause i keep sucking my bottle xD
ytd mdm natasha also say i like baby like that

slack/crap all the way until 5.45 like that then say goodbye to my baby boy
and took bus 168 with eugene cos i dun wan to be alone

crapping all the way with eugene until his house there
beat him until his hand was red too =x
it's my habit lahs, cannot be change wakakakakas
saw eugene tay's I.C, i called his chinese name wrongly ><

called ZHIRU instead of ZHIRUI
i even asked him why his chinese like so girl girl de
then he told me that i say his name wrongly, was quite paiseh lahs
he said that only malays will say that T.T

reach his house there de bus stop, he pei-ed me wait for bus to go home
waited awhile, the bus came and he went home

on the way back, papa called me and he going to buy Z610i
but i pay him back $198 luhs.
hopefully there is pink in color de Z610i
although key pad not that good but overall still alright

few more hours to first month =DDD
but tmr got C.I.P in the morning ahhhhhhhh


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