Sunday, December 03, 2006

tmr not going out with couzie lerhs
sad luhs
he say he need to go to the BB HQ do something

was so looking forward to tmr going out with him leh
end up no need to go liao roar
nvm,ongweijian tmr coming back lerhs ^^

afternoon went to cut my hair
the aunty cut my hair until so spiky
then if never wear specs will look nicer with my hair of mine
but i got panda eyes luhs how to dun wear specs roar

then then if my eyes still like that monday how to go out
maybe wearing contacts on mon if my panda eyes not so cham
and when my 1 eye big 1 eye small not so obvious

still can't help to worry abt what is gonna happen on mon
maybe my feelings is right or is already right
but still i dun wan to be her no.2 lahhhhh
so bloody scared luhs canns

i miss my kuku pig

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