Sunday, December 03, 2006

today joeyong liying take leave, too lazy to blog. now, i help her blog. who am i ? for me to know, for you to guess. (:

yesterday we talked on the phone and donovan came out with all his nonsense again. how he started his nonsense was when i was joking with ongliying say if we two marry, we'll name all our sons joeyong also. lol.

then donovan said, male call him joeyong lijian. female call her joeyong weiying. he also call me to be more "hardworking" and let ongliying give birth to TWENTY KIDS!!! but ong liying dowan to be a sow. lol.

okay. TWENTY KIDS. 11 play football. keeper's name is, joeyong shou men yuan. defenders' name is joeyong hou feng. strikers' name is joeyong qian feng. 5 be subsitutes. 4 be dunno wtf he said.

hmmm, if really have this type of family how? need to hire how many maids? trolleys? milk powder? school books? school uni? then ongliying 24/7 no need sleep le. too busy taking care of babies. =/ then if we wanna bring babies out for a walk, need two shift. 10 at a time. buwah~ bu shi die. >_<

and i think that's all.

P.S. ongliying is such a mafan pig. ohh myy.~~=X

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