Tuesday, December 05, 2006

okay.. today i went to watch two movies. open season and happy feet. i felt very cold during both the movies. wah can die. then after watching open season, we went walk walk. but i walk a while back pain already. then my "cousin" say i weak. what to do. >_< my "cousin" also helped me to file my nails. lol.

my "cousin" very powderwhu. nike voucher 30% off, maximun 10 items. and my 'cousin' only bought one water bottle which cost less then ten bucks. omg.

then we went minitoons kan kan. i wanna buy the cow for my 'cousin' but my 'cousin' die die also dowan me to buy. wtf.~~ then we go carrefour buy nail filer. then we went foodcourt, not to eat, but to file nails. LOL. =x

then we went to watch happy feet.~ the penguins very cute, as cute as my 'cousin'. =x after that we went home already.

BUT HOR! my 'cousin' took my jacket and i took my 'cousin's' keys. haha. i think that's the end for today le bah. and my 'cousin' is very mafan lah can. mafan yet keai. =D

done by: for me to know, for you to guess

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