Tuesday, December 26, 2006

wakakakakakas xD

got quite alot of x'mas present frm aunty uncles
xiao gu gu gave me the myuk bag that i wanted long long ago
er gu gu gave me chocolate from japan
then da gu gu gave me a mug from HK DL

my ah ma gave me $60 as x'mas present, she damn good lahs
love her so muchhhhhhhhh~
going to bugis for some shopping tmr with meifang theresa siowmin bah
ongweijian dun want to go so nvm lo hais
cos he say stress and he is not used being the only guy in the group

i reach home at 2am this morning with my 3 bodyguards xD
we took bus 88 to pasir ris then mrt to enous then walk to my home
ducky wanted to take cab to my hse de but i din want to cos of midnight fare

took around 40mins to walk to my house there
ah fat bought 2 bottles of e33 which made him sort of drunk hahas
my face/ear/hands was fucking red when i drank that vodka in ducky's hse
but ah fat's face was more red than mine when he drank that e33. this is what ongweijian say lahs

i was not there when ah fat got sort of drunk
mama din let me ton luhs T.T
nothing le bah


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