Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ima back frm bugis and CS
had quite a big quarrel with ongweijian hais

meet them at bugis, actually was meeting them in the train
but i took the wrong one and went in the wrong deck or whatever
they was late very late, was kinda dulan at that tym

gave them my black face when i saw them =x
but after awhile my black face was gone~
ate yoshinoya for lunch + breakfast

then after go shopping at parco
wanted to show them how ongweijian's kor look like
but too bad his kor was not in there

after that went to bugis street, it was raining very heavily at that tym
but luckily siowmin and meifang got brg yu san
meifang's yu san turn out to be spoilt and she keep grumbling abt it hahas
i share with siowmin, meifang share with theresa

theresa sort of bought me a skirt as bday present
bought 2tops which i gonna claim money back frm mama x)
siowmin bought a bag which is $30 after some tym of considering of buying or not
theresa and meifang din saw anything they want so din buy

then went to this fashion, this is the place where it started
i called ongweijian and asked him to come CS pei wo
cos we are going to CS mah

then saw him, his face was like sian dao can die anytime
talk to him oso like that, it make me feel that i called him to pei wo is a totally wrong thing to do
maybe i should not have call him to pei wo,he so tired still ask him to come
all my fault luhs
cried for quite a few times, all i do is cry cry cry -.-

when i cry until half, ducky call me and ask why i cry bla bla bla
i thought he so clever know i crying at that tym
funny lah him

then jiu go food court eat abit
then walk walk talk talk for quite awhile then took bus home
when in bus a word "yes" make me laugh like a mad person

peace with ongweijian again when we say sorry to each other =DD
although quarrel with him for some stupid reasons but wo still ai ta lahs xD

perharps is like what theresa say bah, we 2 are too stubborn or maybe he just can't get used to being the only guy bah. why can't he pei wo just for once cos everytym go eastpoint, i only girl leh, i din even say anything only complain abit of his friends :x and i even crap with his some friends. see how social-able i am xD maybe he need more tym to get used to it bah, ima very good laopo so i give him more tym to get used being the only guy. so ongweijian~! dun take too long to get used to it ohs =D

enough of my craps and complaining

after reaching my bus stop, i took off my shoes and walk back home
was laughing loudly at that tym xD
can't help it lahs, it's just too funny lerhs ahaahahahaahas
sort of bought some sweets to eat

reached home jiu bath bla bla bla
then now jiu blog hao le


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