Monday, December 25, 2006

now at donovan the ducky's house
counting down for x mas at his house
ima the only girl in his hse luhs

3b0ys = my boy ongweijian,ducky and ah fat
1 girl = ME~

woke up in 1+pm in the afternoon today
then after that my papa went crazy cause he suddenly say he wanna pack the WHOLE HSE
omfg lah! darn tired lo
lucky i got go out today or else i gonna pack dao siao lerhs

me, my sis and papapack my ah gong's room which used to be my room
the cupboards, drawers got alot of soft toys bags books.
and is super duper dusty luhs, me and sis keep sneezing non stop lah

at around i went to have my shower
then ate some food which my mama had cook for us
ate hao le jiu go down at my void deck find my b0y lerhs

after that we took bus 65 to TM walk walk shop shop
bought quite alot of food to makan
then some shopping of food, we went to eastpoint meet ducky them

saw hafiz's girlfriend, she is friendly unlike hafiz =X
then know a 2 person who is weihow and aldrick
aldrick nickname is ah fat and call him ah fat is cuter luhs xD

played arcade then went to FKC makan
ongweijian and me din eat cos i dun really like KFC
after donovan and ah fat eat hao we jiu go NTUC buy things
we bought hello panda,maggi mee, M&M and kit kat

after that we jiu take cab to donovan's hse lerhs
his hse although is small but quite cosy lahs
cook maggi mee to eat, share with ongweijian cos i and him cook 2packets
he keep feeding me to eat lahs, ducky say i look like baby xD

then they watch STAY ALIVE which is quite a horror movie
i got shocked in 1 of the scene so i scream loudly
ah fat got shocked by me instead of the movie hahahahas
ongweijian and ducky keep scaring me, they so damn bad can

i watched abit of the movie then wo jiu come here play comp
is 12am now


going home soon le bah cause ducky hse is at sengkang
i got 3 bodyguards bring me home leh. so xin fu~~ xD
taking bus home then after that they 3 take cab back here
cos ongweijian and ah fat staying in ducky house


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