Thursday, November 09, 2006

donovan called me at 11+pm
talked until around going 2am jiu hang up lerhs

when talking,i keep laughing like mad lahs
cos donovan got hiccups

then then when he talk got the hump hump the sound
damn freaking funny lahs~~

it make me laugh dao i cry lols
when donovan sort of copy me laugh oso got the sound
so funny lahs

donovan had to hold his breathe for 3 times
then his hiccups cai ok hahas
he said next tym i got hiccups he will laugh at me lols

but i cannot laugh loud loud
as my family were all sleeping so bery xin ku
want to laugh loud loud oso cannot
so xin ku narhs

then todae ongweijian make me laugh like mad too
he went to cut his hair today but the aunty cut his hair dao bery funny
so he keep grumbling non-stop
he grumble dao like xiao hai zi lahs =x

the way he grumble so funny lahs
before he cut his hair,he sae his hair like 叶子 so want to cut his hair
but after he cut his hair, he wants back his 叶子头

then he keep on grumble and grumble and grumble narhs
the way he grumble make me laugh like mad lahs~~
ahahahahahahahas XD

he even said he will do anything to make his 叶子头 come back
damn freaking funny lahs
make me laugh dao i cry again~

he even blame me for his hair luhs
he sae what i should have ask him not to cut his hair
and he keep scolding that aunty who cut his hair NON-STOP
that aunty oso quite ke lian lahs hahas

your hair will grow back de
so dun grumble so much liao lerhs
or else i gonna laugh like mad again wakakakaks

sat going to go out with lee siowmin my nu'er
to buy theresa neo's birthday present
i shall not tell her what we gonna buy for her

nothing le bahs
buhbye =DD

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