Tuesday, November 07, 2006

suppose to wake up at 11.30am today
donovan morning call me at 11.30am
but i went back to slp again until 12pm =x

then after waking up jiu go bath and dress up
then jiu out of my hse leaving my beloved happy on the hse
took taxi to meifang hse first

on the way there donovan called me pei wo talk
until i reach meifang hse
he so good lahs~
thank you donovan lim jun le =DD

meet le meifang we jiu go libaray return meifang's bro's books
then jiu go interchange meet them le
theresa is late today because his bro finish sch at 1pm
theresa's brother bery shy narhs lols

din went to vivo instead we went to marina square
watch flushed away which was bery funny lahs
theresa paid for my moive ticket
thank you theresa neo jia ling =DDD

when we finish watching the moive
we went to pizze hut to makan
the meatball i ate taste weird weird 1~

theresa's brother scared of meifang lols
we sae meifang is the monster hahahahahahas
but to me meifang not monster jiu hao le =D

after eating we went shopping
siowmin saw 1 bag that she wanted
i pay half of it as her bdae present as i din buy for her any
i bought a handphone pouch frm wallet shop

sat going wallet shop again to buy my bag
then my wallet and pencil case gonna buy frm wallet shop too
im going to be a wallet shop freak le LOL

siowmin gonna buy for me that doramon pillow
as my birthdae present frm mini toons =D
duno wad meifang and theresa going to buy for me

went back quite early cos meifang had to reach hm early
took MRT to enous then i walked home
ongweijian called me pei wo talk until i reach hm
how sweet of him he damn good narhs ((:

i took around 45mins frm enous to my hse
quite fast ehh hahas
around 7.50 reach my hse de void deck
sat there talking with ongweijian on the phone
cos din want to go hm so early

i sat under my hse de void deck until when there's no ppl
then go home cos i got abit scared =x
reach hm jiu bath bla bla bla

then jiu now talking with ongweijian donovan and theresa
on the phone
they damn funny lahs~

my post is long enough le bahs

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