Tuesday, November 14, 2006

went to celebrate theresa's birthday today
ate cafe cartel for lunch

i ate the forest of mushroom
meifang ate the duno wad pasta got bacon egg yolk and mushroom
theresa ate sumth like chicken cullet
siowmin ate sumth like chicken chop with some pasta

the bill was like OMG~~
$63.50 but after discount was $57++
still damn expensive lahs

then after jiu go walk walk there walk walk here
siowmin din bought that wawa shoe
saw chin kiat and bernard at the arcade in TM

chin kiat so look xiao hai zi lahs
and he wore cap which make him look more kiddy
he asked siowmin to play with him but too bad for him
siowmin din want to hahahas

then after that duno what the heck happen
theresa neo started her mood swing without giving any warning
she din talk,talk to her like talking to wall

then then ask her things oso like want die like that
sort of quarrel with her
but now we okays liao lerhs lo

went to this fashion see see the clothes
alot alot of funny things happen there lahs
damn funny
can laugh dao peng~

went back home around 7 going to 8pm
back abit pain due to the walking around the malls
msg ongweijian whole day and chatted with him until i reach home
he is always so sweet lahs~ =DDDD

but sort of give him some attitude =x
or maybe i think i eat too much of that bahs
aiya whatever lahs

the way ongweijian talked bery cute lahs
but he abit toot toot which is not good at all xD
although he's toot but he is still cute and sweet luhs

junyuK0R asked me to go interview with him for work
since i have no work now, so i agree to pei him go interview
i asked theresa go too,since she oso wants to work

duno where is the work place but theresa sae is far
abit scared of the interview lahs
my first work i din even interview jiu can work lerhs
scarly the ppl there see looks de =X

junyuK0R sae work as promoter
got basic pay then comission then oso got bonus
since quite good jiu give it a try bahs

tmr meet junyu at his hse at 2pm
help him choose his clothes
then jiu go meet theresa at interchange at 2.15pm


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