Wednesday, November 15, 2006

went to the interview today with junyuK0R
theresa din wanna go in the end

wake up at around 12+ going 1pm
then go bath choose the clothes whatever
then jiu take bus go junyu hse le

junyu still ask me rmb where he stay anot
i din really rmb but aga aga can go lahs
reach his hse jiu talk talk here talk talk there lo

he said the interview is at 5pm instead of 4 -.-
weiwen was coming too but in the end never
helped junyu choose his clothes the interview

after he changed jiu go 201 there eat
only i eat luhs
then after eating jiu go buy hair dye cos junyu wanted to dye

buy le jiu go find salon cos junyu's hair was too long
the aunty help him cut quite nice lahs
after that jiu went back to his hse

he asked me to help him dye his hair lehh
being helpful, i help him xD
he say i like puting kaya on his hair LOLS
and he told me quite alot of thingys lahs

15mins lata he went to wash his hair
while i played his comp
his hair turned out abit weird bahs =x

under sunlight is abit purple
not under the sunlight is brown
then under the light is sort of reddish color
weird ehh =x

then we jiu take cab go for the interview
the place abit spooky spooky lahs
the office look old too

the person who interview me was a lady
she din smile at me but she smile at junyu WTH~
i said quite alot of wrong thingys lahs
was so nervous norhs

finishing the interview we jiu go find our way to cityhall mrt
but we walk walk walk oso cnt a way out
found a food court, and we went in cos junyu say he was hungry

he ate prawn mee which cost $5
darn expensive lahs canns
the food court only got 4 stalls that are open
so cham cham leh

after eating we jiu walk walk walk again
and duno how the hell we walk dao chinatown
took the mrt frm chinatown back to eunos

actually was going to tampines to meet weiwenK0R and yiqinK0R
then go changi buy fishing rods
as they are going to yiqin's papa shop to fish on sat

but end up i left junyu going back to tampines alone
sorrie sorrie =/
i din want go because i was tired luhs

back and leg damn pain
since ytd my back jiu pain lerhs
even sleep the tym oso bery xin ku norhs hais

meet mama at enous mrt
then then jiu go buy dinner after that jiu take bus go home
then then then bla bla bla

got selected for the job
but papa sae cnt go cos mayb is con ppl de company -.-
told junyu abt it
junyu maybe not going too cos nobody pei him mahs

i truly really seriously HATE when im on the phone with someone
and the someone keep passing the phone round and round to other people
making me talk to the people around the someone

it pissed me off and make me so pek chek till i hang up the phone
sorrie sorrie if i show you attitude
the person will noe who am i saying sorrie to =D


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