Monday, November 13, 2006


ima the 2nd person to tell her happy birthday
she said the first person is an unknown
mayb the unknown is G_V_N lols

woke up early in the morning
darn tired luhs
went to suntec city to see the car show
my dumb dumb sis din go

went to marina square eat mac for breakfast first
2 big breakfast share share with papa and mama
papa eat alot -.-

after that jiu go suntec for the car show
alot alot alot of people was Q-ing for the car show leh
really damn freaking alot of people lahs

we took the lift up instead of Q-ing xD
then then we jiu took the staff route into the car show
papa only got 2 tickets

actually papa wanted to go in and take another ticket for me
but the security guard say no need
then jiu let us go lerhs

the most expensive car is 1.8 million leh
which is lan mo gee ni {duno how to spell try to pronounce it ba}
so ta ma de expensive norhs

1 of my papa de customer got that car
i asked papa to ask him to let me sit inside and he ride 1 round xD
papa say he gonna ask wakakakas

took the pic of the cars
updating it soon i think
the cars damn freakingly nice lahs

went to papa de booth there
uncle leslie look fat in that outfit =x
and and he is shorter than papa leh LOLS
after that we jiu go around see see look look at the beautiful cars

but only me and mama go see nia
because papa and uncle seah go around see their competitors
checking out the prices all that lahs

ongweijian was damn jealous of me lahs
because i can go to the car show

i think xavier and his family got go to the car show too
cos xavier love cars alot alot alot lahs

then after the car show
we went to marina square walk walk awhile
then after that jiu go beach road eat

after that jiu go home lo
then then after bathing for happy
then i bath jiu go orh orh awhile

tmr going out to celebrate theresa's birthday
i will be meeting leesiowmin first to buy our thingys
then meet theresa and meifang

meeting both of them at 4pm
cos theresa got sj things need to do
sj hai si ren de leh

nth le bahs

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