Thursday, November 23, 2006

slept at 6.40am today darn early uh
ytd night was talking to donovan and ongweijian

donovan slept first at around 2+ going 3am
we could hear donovan snoring through the phone lahs
and his snoring was so OMFG~~!
his snoring was sooooooooo BLOODY LOUD canns

but abit scary lahs
awhile snore awhile never snore -.-

i rather guys sleep walk or sleep talk than snore~
cos is really darn noisy lahs
cannot even sleep properly when a person beside u snore

ongweijian din do the sound i ask him to
he damn bad lahs canns kuku pig lahs him =x
he said he will do tonight but i dun think he will

then ongweijian and i talk until 6.40am in the morning
at around 6 my ah gong went out to work le lols
duno what happen to me in the early morning
i was soooo hyperactive lahs

keep lalalalalas, titutitu, kikukiku non-stop
i think ima mad at that tym LOL
from 6.40am slept until 6.45pm like that then wake up

ima a long sleeper LOLS
now jiu waiting for mama to buy dinner back
and just reformat my comp, everything inside is lost
sian lahs

nothing le bahs

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