Tuesday, November 21, 2006

today is 20 nov 2006

woke up early in the morning to go make I.C
today is the earliest tym i have ever woke up during the hoildays
woke up at 8.10 lehh EARLY RIGHT =X
finally got 1 day wake up earlier than that horny pig le xD

papa send us to the there then he went to work le
early in the morning jiu so many ppl liao -.-
alot of china people =x

took the photo need to pin up my fringe to the side
do dao damn pek chek lahs roar~!
i look xiao hai zi when my fringe is pin up to the side -.-
this is what my dumb dumb sister say de

in the photo
my eyes 1 big 1 small WTF~
damn freaking freakingly UGLY

lata when making i.c bery guai guai one lahs
my chinese name and i write de chinese name is sch is DIFFERENT
in chinese is same SOUND but meaning different -.-
so next tym i can only write the name which is in my B.C de

after doing all that ma fan thingy
went to bugis to makan breakfast at mac
when we were walking to the MRT, i saw theresa coming frm there
shouted her name and she ask me i at here do what -.-

mama bought wrong food for me
i wanted muffin with egg, she bought without egg T_T
being forgetful, i left the milk in the mac without even drinking

mama keep nagging at me abt the milk thingy
ask me to give her back the milk on the spot.
it was after we came out of the bugis library then know the milk is "lost"

mama dun wan buy for the bag i wanted
bad lahs she
nvm, i should buy it myself muhahahahas

after shopping at bugis
went to ahma hse to sleep xD
sis play around with my 2 couzies
mama slept too

now then i noe sleep until half oso will have stomach cramp de
the stomach cramp is damn pain lahs cans
really feel like pulling the 2 thingys in my body and smash it =X

woke up around 6.30pm,watch teebee until 9pm
jiu take cab go home lerhs
after that jiu go cook maggi mee eat
then jiu play comp until now lo

nothing much le bahs

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