Saturday, November 18, 2006

woke up at 1.15pm which is damn early canns
all because of my da yi
she say got thingys want to give us
so i have to go down and take the thingys

when i reach home
lie on the bed trying to sleep but can't -.-
feel so tired yet can't sleep roar!

talked with donovan the duck until 2+am
he damn bad canns
keep saying me short bla bla bla T_T

and he keep scolding his papa non-stop
then i keep asking him to relax
even ask him to take a deep breath and count to 10
but still no use, he still keep scolding -.-

when he talk in english is damn weird lahs
and funny =x
he got hicupps again which make me laugh like mad again

donovan sometym can multi task sometym cnt
this make him half normal and half gay =x
i can multi task so im not a les
and and i like guys okay =P

he keep copying me how i talk luhs
this make him sound so gay wakakakakas xD
i kept sneezing non-stop which is so cham
he tried to copy how i sneeze

but too bad luhs
the way i sneeze is too unique narhs XDD
maybe i getting sick soon
back still as pain as before WTH~

after we hang up the phone jiu go orh orh lo
now jiu at here playing the comp and rot
should not have go out 6 days in a row lahs
sian dao can go bang wall liao lerhs

im a good girl so i let my sis play the comp =D

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