Saturday, November 25, 2006


woke up at 4pm today
brush my teeth bla bla bla
then watch teebee, bath hao le go parkway meet mama

when we were on the way walking to the bus stop to take bus
got 1 malay man suddenly say "hello girl" and smile at me
i looked at him in shocked as i was msging at that tym
all he does only keep smiling at me wth

the way he look at me like want to eat me up lols
my dumb dumb sis does nth but laughing -.-
the man is damn seriously freaking kong bu la canns

when we meet dao mama, sister told mama about it
mama say sis look younger thats why im nicer to "di siao" -.-""
the man is crazy lahs =P

went to sakae sushi to eat dinner
while waiting to get into sakae and eat
a small little girl frm inside sakae smile at me

duno what happen today lahs
first is a guy say hello and smile at me
second is a little girl smile at me
but at least the girl is better than the man lahs

i rather have the cute little girl smiling at me
than a middle age man smiling at me
the man look so scary~

after eating at sakae
went to mini toons to see see look look
manage to persuade mama to buy the cute cute cups in mini toons
the cups darn cute lahs

then buy hao le jiu go NUTC
bought my hello panda which i have been craving for days
mama dun wan buy for me the momo ice cream T.T
see she so bad =x

bought hao the things jiu wait for papa come
then jiu go home norhs
reach home jiu bath watch tv awhile then now play comp

now kuku pig keep on grumbling non-stop abt me neglecting him
cute lahs him xDD
this few days i so hyper active lahs
keep on titutitu, lalalalalas, kikukiku non-stop LOLS

nothing much le bahs

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