Tuesday, November 28, 2006

went to marina square today
everyone of us was kinda late when meeting

took mrt to cityhall then walk to marina square
when we just walk out of the mrt station
got 1 ah ma approach me and ask me where is the bus stop
theresa is nearest to her, she dun wan ask theresa
come and ask me -.=

theresa say maybe my face got the approachable face
that's why the ah ma come and ask me
this prove that im friendly looking girl xD

bought a tube top from there after walking around
puremilk now dun really have nice tops
others shop de clothes i dun really like it very much

theresa say i look cute when i wore that top
and siowmin is jealous when her husband say other woman cute

actually meifang saw a top which look nice too
wanted to buy that de but end up i bought that tube top
cause the 3 of ladys of mine say the tube top look nicer on me

ate sakae sushi for teabreak but is my first meal of the day
theresa and me decide until so xin ku abt what to eat
end up we eat sakae sushi de buffet

siowmin oso got eat cos she got tempt by both of us hahas
meifang din really eat much cos she got phobia towards sushi
the total bill is $50.36

i spend all the money that i bring out today
which is 55 dollars~ scary eh
i can spend so much just in a day

after that jiu take mrt back to eunos
then frm there take bus 60 back home

that's my day for today
not really that fun but nevermind =DD

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